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Farewell to my Friends From Work

By Jesus Manuel Olivas ● Head of Products | July 18th, 2016

I want to let you know, about the end of an era; after have been working as Drupal 8 Solutions Engineer for FFW (formerly Blink Reaction and Pro People) for more than two years. I decided to take a new path in my professional career.

I want to thank to all my coworkers in FFW because with them I have the opportunity to grow up professional and individually.

During the two years working at FFW I was lucky enough to lead trainings at three DrupalCons (Austin, Amsterdam and Los Angeles), speak and at three DrupalCons as well (Bogotá, Los Angeles and New Orleans) and do a lot fo work on the Drupal Console project.

It's really important to remark all the investment in community I was able to do thanks to FFW, because most of my time with the company I could invested developing on the Drupal Console project.

If you are still here, maybe you are wondering what is my next stop, which big Drupal company I will work for, well maybe this will surprise you, but I will not be part of any currently-famous Drupal Company; Instead of I decided to start my own business.

My new company is a Join Venture named We Know. I am getting together with enzo - Eduardo Garcia and Kenny Abarca both co-founders of Anexus a Drupal Workshop with a presence in several countries in Latin America.

So. what will be WeKnow about it. In the short term, we will provide Training & Consulting in Drupal 8 and Symfony, helping companies to train their development team or work with them providing tech lead, advising and coaching for their projects.

In the long term, we just started to create some SaaS products, stay tuned and we will inform in detail in the upcoming months.

Maybe are you wondering about what is gonna happen with Drupal Console project, well to be honest nothing it's going to change, in We Know we will investing part of our time supporting the project and adding new features to Drupal Console as much is possible during our office hours, and personally I will keep doing it in my "free time" in the same way I have been doing for last three years.

If you interested in any of the services provided by We Know you could contact us.